We hear more and more about smart urbanisation and smart city developments. Vialto has also been being interested in the topic. On 27 March 2018 we were invited by AEGEE-Budapest to present about Smart Cities and Sustainability at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

At the event Gábor Frischmann and Ádám Hoffer talked about the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation currently facing city halls, local businesses and, last but not least, city dwellers. We’ve talked about how smart city developments and the usage of smart technology can contribute to better urban governance and management practices which balance all three pillars of sustainable development. We’ve had a lively discussion with the participants about real-life examples and the ways we all, as citizens, can contribute to creating „smarter” cities; places where a strong local economy goes hand-in-hand with a green environment and a just society, where it’s better to work, commute, have fun… and live.


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