Happy to share our latest success: Vialto Consulting is awarded as National Champion of the Constantinus International Award by the International Council of Management Consultant Institutes in 2018.

In the frame of EU-funded Project “Support to access to right on protection of personal data”, we supported Macedonian Directorate for Personal Data Protection and the Legislator with our comprehensive approach on different stakeholder levels:

  • Citizens: Conducting awareness-raising campaign about their rights for the protection of personal data
  • Data controllers: Motivating organizations to control personal data in a responsible way, providing new methodologies, guides and consultation platforms
  • Institutional framework: Developing of data protection and communication strategy, action plan and implementation criteria for 2017-2022; Developing framework and methodology for efficient data protection audits and reviews; Conducting specific data management cases (e.g. general elections) in a proper way by applying EU best practices
  • Regulatory framework: revision of existing data protection legislation under the new GDPR; drafting new legislation


Many thanks to our partners, clients, colleagues for their cooperation and contribution!

Constantinus International


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