Anything which can be digitalised will be digitalised. The question is what you will change? (5th May 2017, Hungarian Telekom Headquarters) 

Nowadays everybody talks about digitalisation. One can notice that this tendency will produce considerable changes, also beyond the sphere of IT. Former business models, believed to be firmly grounded, will go through profound transformations. Processes, value chains, structures of organisations, jobs will be changed. Even the characters of startups are different from what they were five years ago. 

Technology is present everywhere. We do not doubt the idea that anything which can be digitalised will be digitalised. The question is what you will change?

Digital innovation is a field, full of challenges. However, the methods of the startup world provide ample experience for preparing to meet these challenges.

These are the reasons why the ICT Association of Hungary organised a conference for the fourth time where large companies and sturtups could meet, presenting the latest results and success as well as new dilemmas and stories of the Hungarian digital economy.

In the last year more than 450 people registered for the event. The target audience of the conference consists of leaders of corporate innovation, marketing and business development, experts of investments and business incubators, as well as representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Besides the talks, the exhibition where companies could present their profile and meet potential partners was also an integral part of the conference.


For further information about the conference and videos, please click here.   


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