Our presentation about Process Mining and the interactive demonstration afterwards attracted great interest at Portfolio’s „Financial IT and Disruptive Technologies” conference.

Vialto Consulting CEO Csaba Lengyel pointed out in his presentation that with the help of process mining technology, real time process management is possible, which is a cornerstone of digital transformation in banking. Vialto Consulting offers access to the most efficient process mining tools, as a partner of Celonis, a business transformation software solutions market leader. The applied Intelligent Business Cloud allows organizations to rapidly understand and improve the operational backbone of their business.

The participants could try Celonis’s process mining software through a bank’s example in demo environment. They were immediately able to identify development opportunities from the actual process runs – producing them would take weeks with traditional methods – and from further analysis. With a few clicks, root cause analysis supported by artificial intelligence revealed further possibilities for our instant process-miners.


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