Professional jury, real-life corporate strategic problem, whole-day teamwork, and dynamically changing conditions – these were the challenges awaiting the best case solvers of the academic year at the 4th Annual Case Solver of the Year competition.

This year, the competition looked for the answer of the answer for key question of the current strategy of the First National Utility Service (hereinafter referred to as ENKSZ). The key question was: by disconnecting from the gas, electricity and district heat service, where to build the third / new world of the ENKSZ?

The topic was dealt within 3 rounds, during which the situation was analysed and evaluated up to a new idea of a corporate orientation proposed by the team and selected by the jury. A special challenge for the teams were the following: the growing focus of the issue to be solved, the randomly drawn team composition, the constantly changing presentation order, the time pressure and the turn-by-turn system. The jury evaluated the teams at the end of each round.

They not only looked at the thoughtfulness, depth and creativity of the presented solutions, but also took into account the elocution of the performers, the dynamics of the team and that how they could tuned to the jury’s atmosphere. The value of the feedback received was raised by taking part of the jury: Gábor Hiezl – Deputy Chief Commercial Officer of ENKSZ – Péter Koncz – Deputy Chief Strategy Officer of the Főgáz – and Csaba Lengyel – the Managing Director of Vialto Consulting Kft.

The whole-day-long investment finally won its worthy prize, all the participants of the tournament received valuable prizes. Besides of the order of the teams they announced the best performer of the competition and even the Case solver of the year. (The members of the best team: Péter Deák, Ákos Dévald, Tamás Nagy. The best performer: Péter Deák.)

The whole-day-long event provided an opportunity to hold a closely related professional lecture and a roundtable discussion during which the audience could gain insights into the world of Digitalization trends and the practical implications of this.

The lecture was held by Gábor Frischmann, the vice-president of the Hungarian Innovation Corporation. A special guest of the round table discussion was the Deputy CEO of Strategy and Analysis of the the Hungarian digital bank, the Gránit Bank Zrt.


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