Consulting, as every profession, has its tricks. Principles, key questions and fundamental techniques which enable contultants to bring out the best of themselves and their clients.

Applying them in practice is never as obvious as acknowledging them, hence our Basic Consultancy Training revealed them through on the spot excercises which provided first-hand experiences for trainees and junior consultants about the main pitfalls of strategy creation and revision and major difficulties during process assessment. The excercises highlighted the values a consultant can represent for the client and the roles she can fulfill in the organization mainly in IT projects. Our young colleagues shared the following thoughts after the training: „We have a significant knowledge base in our company and we’d make use of it by asking each other’s opinion and applying each other’s experiences.” „ We touched upon several fields which we could learn sooner or later during projects, but the training managed to fasten this learning process.” „It was great to learn from each other within an ’out of the box’ framework. It was useful to glance from the distance at the work we do everyday and observe it by its elements.”


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