In this webinar we present how Process Analytics is the only way to maximize business performance ensuring unmatched efficiency gains.

We introduce Celonis Execution Management System that extends Process Mining to turn process insights into real-time actions and intelligent automation, unlocking the next generation of business performance for our customers.

Looking at some of your key business value drivers and deploying Celonis EMS we:

• Show how to free up working capital in your A/P while cutting operational costs

• Quantify the value of driving better execution in A/R

• Save time, money and unlock additional value in Procurement and Order Management by investing in data-driven execution

• Quantify the benefits (the unlocked value) of running a data-driven system migration during your transformation projects

Given today’s critical business environments (inflation, instability, interest rates, supply chain risks, armed conflicts, sustainability crises, etc.) we further focus on leaders who are facing extraordinarily difficult market environments and need to mitigate their cost exposure.

We demo some of the purpose-built Celonis solutions that help manage inflation risks by identifying how:

• Procurement departments can significantly reduce cost exposure by maximizing contract usage, consolidate spending, and secure short-term critical supply

• Core A/R operation can improve collection with data-driven customer prioritization and task streamlining; credit management with intelligent risk assessments, credit limit suggestions and simplified approval flows, and accelerate dispute resolution through root cause analysis and friction removal.