Becoming client-focused is one of the most topical and greatest challenges of today’s companies and organisations. Centring clients and long-term business partnerships as driving force of the company life is a real profit generating strategy. Its substance lies in the fact of generating value for both the Client and the company through their relationship based on mutual trust. The successfulness of the CRM development lies on the one hand on the premise that the changes at the different fields have to be realise parallel, and on the other hand to be executed in small, iterative, successive steps.

In spite of the significant investments inferred by a CRM implementation at the beginning, a long-term programme needs to be set up and implemented, resulting in a constantly measurable improvement of the performance.

In the framework of our client management consulting service we analyse the operation of the organization, the service provided to external and internal customers, which results the companies can achieve the client-focusing functioning.

The experts of Vialto Consulting are ready to provide You with the following main services related to this topic:

  • Assessment and audit of the corporate CRM capabilities using best practice maturity models;
  • Elaboration of touch-point analyses;
  • Design of CRM strategies, development of CRM roadmaps;
  • Development of client segmentation and client value calculation methods;
  • Elaboration of customer-oriented sales and client relationship models;
  • Supporting the implementation of campaign management systems;
  • Development and redesign of client-focused procedures;
  • Elaboration of long-term CRM programme organisation and operation;
  • Supporting the selection of CRM supporting IT systems and system integrators;
  • Management of CRM trainings;
  • Realisation of client-oriented change of corporate culture, change management.
  • Entering CXM Metrics
  • CXM process planning
  • CXM forming and organizational implementation
  • CXM education, training