Partner Consultant

After graduating electrical engineering I started my professional career in 1980 at the largest (incumbent) telecommunications service provider in Hungary, at that time still part of the Hungarian Post.  For the next twenty years I acted successfully in various technical positions in what became known as Matáv. 

In 1993, I became the development director at Matáv and the head of its innovation center, PKI Telecommunications Development Institute.

It was this leading position from where in 1999 I was appointed Head of the Communications Inspectorate, the Hungarian National Telecom Regulatory Authority (HíF, later NHH, currently NMHH).

After five years of intensive regulatory work, as the Authority undergone major restructuring I moved on into the broadcast media world. Between 2004 and 2005 I was responsible for the Technical Management of the Hungarian Catholic Radio.

During my years as technical later regulatory decision maker in the telco industry I had the chance to work with a large number of consultants of various strengths and qualification levels, as their client. In doing so I learned the best ways a Consultant can provide value to its client. This made it easier to switch sides and became hired expert in various international projects.

Following a foreign media official pilot project, I was co-opted as member of the professional team of consultants in one of the leading consulting companies in Hungary where I mainly worked on international projects. In 2007 I was one of the founding partners of Vialto Consulting, along several other colleagues from this company.

The first 25 years of my career being spent in positions where significant developments took place in the Hungarian telco and regulatory it provided broad experience that, adapted to the ongoing technological and market changes is still valuable today.

Hence the majority of my work is still related to the strategic development and regulatory areas of info communication, with emphasis on methodological development. Most of my professional work is carried out in complex client environments, including various cultural challenges.

Properly identifying the client’s needs, vision and strategy, or helping them in this process becomes critical and extremely difficult in such environments. I successfully managed several such high complexity projects both in Hungary and abroad, the later few focusing on country wide, large telco developments in Northern Macedonia.

In addition to extended family, my leisure activities include hiking and nature photography.

I am also the chairman of the Info communication Expert Committee of the Telecommunications and Informatics Scientific Association and a member of the board of the Hungarian Innovation Association.