My higher education studies were carried out at the Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering of Óbuda University, where I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer with major in CAD CAM CNC. Early in my studies I found myself being attached by manufacturing and its related processes, as well as the technologies and tools used to support these and started looking in related challenges.

I started my professional career as a process engineer in the automotive industry. The biggest challenge so far was the opening of a completely new factory (manufacturing plant) and the relocation of the old one. In connection with this, I came close to and gained significant experience in the field of management processes, as well as having work interactions with a broad spectrum of domestic and international consultants, on a daily basis.

I joined the Vialto team in September 2018. As a consultant, I was able to capitalize on my interest in related technologies and experience in process development and optimization.

These supported me in great dral right from the beginning in our Process Mining assignments.

Since then, growing into a leading process miner @ Vialto, I have had the opportunity to further deepen my experience in the telecommunications, banking and public sectors by analyzing and developing their sales, customer service, procurement and IT service management processes.


As an assistant trainer, in my leisure time I love introducing dog owners to the mysteries of family dog bonding, while constantly improving in high-level trainings with my own four legged friend.