Managing Director

I wanted to become a mathematician ever since I was a little child and I persisted in this determination during my graduate studies at the maths faculty of ELTE and also as an academic fellow of the Computer Science Faculty, but finally I aspired to have a more stirring professional life. So I became a management consultant.

In the last about one and a half decade I acquired a lot of professional experience: I was managing different companies, I was working as a consultant in the public administration, for telecommunication corporations, insurance companies and for public service providers; I was building an international consulting company, and with some friends and colleagues we founded Vialto Consulting in November 2007. Since then, I’ve been working even more but in return, I am feeling really good – establishing new things is very exciting (after all, this is what consultancy is about)!

I believe that being innovative, leaving imprints on the world by utilising our skill of out-of-the-box thinkin is the prime aim. I am working in close co-operation with our Clients for this sake: to support them formulating and reaching their ambitious and innovative goals by tools varying from strategy development, through organisational development (for the whole organisation) to the management of change management programmes. I always do my best to support our Clients by the highest standard knowledge at the above mentioned professional areas.

When I have a little spare-time besides building the company, I like playing football, diving, reading, taking photos, listening to (world) music, cooking, tasting delicious wines and making excursions with our dogs.

Certifications, Social activity:

  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
  • Member of the Associaton of Management Consultants (VTMSZ)
  • Member of the Executive Board for VTMSZ (2012-2016)
  • Leader of the Consulting Workgroup of the ICT Association of Hungary

Key competencies and sectors:

  • Quality assurance of system implementations
  • Development and management of CRM strategy
  • Balanced Scorecard (BSC) development
  • Process management, BPR, improvement of business process efficiency
  • Knowledge management
  • Administrative and IT audit
  • IT strategy development
  • IT system selection and implementation
  • Banking and financial sector
  • Public sector
  • Telecommunications


Managing Director

I obtained my electrical engineer degree at the Electrical Engineering Faculty of BME, major in Informatics, and started my career as a software developer. At Protomix Ltd. I was dealing with the development of medical IT systems and project management, then I started to build the software branch of the company (it was the origin company of the later Grepton Informatics Ltd.). As an official Grepton-partner (owner-director) I was in charge of building the company, developing the different service fields (technical consulting, trainings operation).

From here, my way led again to a Hungarian consulting company, and finally to the Vialto Consulting team. Today my tasks are related to international project management, foreign business development and internal management functions. As a consultant my aim is to support the new member states of the European Union using the foundings arriving from the EU and other organisations in the most efficient way possible.

Besides working, I spend my time with my family and with sports like running, skiing and scuba diving.

Certifications, Social activity:

  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
  • Member of the Associaton of Management Consultants (VTMSZ)
  • ITIL v3

Key competencies and sectors:

  • Development of IT operational processes and environment
  • Support of outsourcing processes
  • System planning
  • Support of IT system selections and implementations
  • Telecommunications


Managing Director

Originally I graduated as an economist-mathematician at Karl Marx Economic University and for 8 years I was trying to predict the processes of collective economy in the desperate circumstances of the 80’s on mathematical bases. Following the fever of excitement of the regime change, I got first hand experience of the profession at a big international company (Accenture), while I was working my way up to management leader level. Beginning with the Y2K I spent my third 8 years cycle at the biggest Hungarian consulting company (AAM), as the leader of the Competency Management Consulting. Autumn 2007 we founded Vialto Consulting with my friends and our objective is no fewer than the redemption of the consultancy. During my consultant career, I always tried to bring clients closer to achieving their strategic goals by leading huge IT projects, by reengineering business processes and organizations and by the management of the human factors. I have great experience in the banking sector, in telecommunications and I am familiar with the railway transportation, with the oil industry and with the editorial processes too. I believe that as a consultant I can only be successful in my job if I am aspiring passionately to understand and to solve together the problems of my clients.

I spend my little spare time with my wife and my daughter, and also with discovering the wonderful lands of the world or the exotic depths of world literature.

Certifications, Social activity:

  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
  • Member of the Associaton of Management Consultants in Hungary (VTMSZ)
  • President of VTMSZ (2012-2014)
  • Member of the Executive Board for VTMSZ (since 2010)
  • IPMA-A (2004)

Key competencies and sectors:

  • Management of high volume re-engineering and IT projects
  • Process management, BPR, improvement of business efficiency
  • CRM systems
  • Strategy formulation, organisational development
  • Human change management
  • Program and project management
  • Banking sector
  • Telecommunications



I graduated at the University of Pécs as an economist or rather an economist with legal specification. I was already working as a consultant during the academic years on different projects and since then, as a natural continuation of my career, I am working as a consultant – already grown up to senior consultant challenges. So far, I had a chance to experience almost every aspect of the management field, from strategy-making, through the reorganization of a company and development of the processes to the client-side management of an IT system implementation, both in Hungary and abroad. I enjoy all complex tasks, which bring our clients closer to understand and to realize their own strategic purposes.

I also enjoy challenges beyond working days and I always like to see the overall picture: getting acquainted with people, cultures, landscapes or discovering the underwater world.


  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Key competencies and sectors:

  • Strategic planning, development of CRM strategies and CRM programs
  • Organisational development, change management, large group workshops
  • Transformation management, BPR and operational development
  • Management of system implementations, client-side consulting
  • Banking and financial sector
  • Governmental and non-profit sector
  • Telecommunications



Originally I graduated as electrical-engineer and later as engineer-teacher at the Kandó Kálmán College of Technology. After a short period of being a teacher I have changed to the field of IT and management consultancy, where I can use the earlier aquired attitudes like system approach, structured thinking, exactitude and professional humility as my basic attitudes. This approach allow me to help our clients for almost 2 decades to reach their goals from the preparation of a strategy, through system analysis, system design and system implementation phases or even in the role of a quality assurer.

Besides working I like travelling, discovering other countries, other cultures. I like all kind of plants, flowering one of my own planted seedling or doing my own vegetable growing gardening makes me happy.



I graduated from the University of Pécs in a joint English language programme with Middlesex University. I further expanded my professional knowledge at Tilburg University, where I obtained a degree in organizational development.

After graduation, I was a trainee at the European Commission and found my profession as a consultant. After working for Deloitte and PwC, I became a member of the Vialto team in 2011. I have more than 11 years of experience in consultancy and currently I advise our clients as Senior Consultant.

I believe the most important thing, as a consultant, is to understand the needs of our customers and to offer them tailored, quality solutions that will truly answer their complex challenges. As an executive coach, I support our clients in challenging situations. I am happy to utilise my experiences and abilities in the life of Vialto, as I am the leader of Vialto HR.

I spend my free time mainly with my family and try to satisfy my curiosity for the arts. I am interested in theatre, paintings, traveling and experimenting with different movement therapy trends.



I graduated from the University of Miskolc in Dunaújváros, in marketing in 2004. Then I found a job in the financial sector where I organized processes, managed projects and led IT testing.

My first experience with Vialto started with a joint project, however at that time I got acquainted with consultancy on the customer side.

After a short break, I joined the Vialto Team in 2013, where I have been working as a consultant for five years. To this day, I admire what a colourful and creative activity management consulting is. The experience that I gained in the past years is also very diverse: I worked in both public administration and the private sector, I participated in the introduction of IT systems management support, project and portfolio management methodology, quality assurance, strategy creation and process development.

In my private life, I am the mother of two children, so I work as a „specialist in logistics” to solve the impossible challenges of the everyday life.

I spend my free time with my family, I love cooking, ballet dancing, tennis and cycling.



I completed my studies at the Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, where I graduated as an economist at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in 2015. I have started my professional career in Budapest: I worked as a business analyst and later as an internal consultant in a multinational corporate environment; during this time I gained experience in financial- and telecommunication sectors. I have been strengthening the Vialto team since 2018, where I had the opportunity to enter to the ICT and banking sector as part of consultancy projects, and further deepen my experience in IT service management, BPR process management, organizational operation audit, and change management.

As a human-centered, empathic personality, the greatest challenge and beauty of the advisory profession for me is to identify the real problems of our clients and to provide the best solution based on real market experiences. The results achieved with our clients, the positive benefits of finding a solution to an identified problem, and the professional and human values ​​experienced by long-term collaborations with our clients give me the motivation for this diverse but challenging profession.


Customer Contacts / HR

I graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Pécs and completed my Master of Science in Project Management at the BKÁE Institute of Economics.

In Vialto I am active in two areas, one is tender responsibility, the other is HR. I do mainly the operative coordination within the HR, but I also have bigger responsibilities in some areas, such as recruiting, selection, organizing events and evaluating.

In my free time I try to take care of my family, go to run and attend cultural events.