Both in the competitive and in the public sector, a great variety of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are being implemented. During the implementation and the application of ERP systems, a frequent question is to be answered: whether the purposes of the set-up – the improvement of the efficiency and the quality – could be reached by the system or not? Our customers involve independent management consultants of the Vialto Consulting to support the management of changes generated by the ERP system; in order to reduce the risks of the implementation projects and to improve the efficiency accessible after the implementation.

The wide system knowledge of our experts and the practice of the implementation projects ensure guarantee for the following services:

  • Preparation of impact analyses and support of decision making;
  • Preparation of system implementation: technical specification, support of the selection process;
  • Quality assurance and audit of the system implementation projects;
  • Quality assurance and audit of the product during or after the implementation process;
  • Services with the aim of improving the efficiency of the operation of the ERP related processes:
    • process re-engineering;
    • preparation of regulations and instructions.


Our supporting services and products assisting the decision making, the operation and the management of a company are built on the efficient implementation of the basic information provided by the ERP systems:

  • Modelling the toolkit  of a financial management accounting system;
  • Preparation of cash management processes based on the applied ERP system;
  • Preparation of  liquidity management models used in public administration and supporting the implementation;
  • Establishment of controlling systems (managerial, sectional and institution supervisory) in the public administration:
    • Development of controlling models and concepts;
    • Preparation of data models and specifications;
    • Development of processes and regulations.


Our applied methodology is defined by the complexity of the organisational operation model, the process based approach, the financial and accounting aspect, the best professional practice of the ERP system implementations and the integrated IT operation.