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I started my professional career in 1980 at Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post Office) with a recently obtained degree in electrical engineering. In the first 20 years of my career I was working for the biggest telecommunication service provider in Hungary first as administrator, then as development engineer. In 1993 I became the development director of Matáv and leader of its innovation centre (PKI – Telecommunications Development Institute). In 1999, I was offered a job to direct the National Communications Authority. In 2004-2005 I was the Chief Technology Officer of the Hungarian Catholic Radio, and following a successful test project for a foreign media authority, I became the team member of a leading consultant company in Hungary. I was working on international projects in most of the time. Since  2007 I participated in many consulting projects at Vialto Consulting as a contractor Somehow I am so fortunate that at every stage of my life I could be present where something essential was needed. I particularly enjoy special challenges, when professional activities are combined with a complicated situation of the client, where a serious methodology development is needed, and cultural challenges are involved. In this case, identifying with the client’s needs, future goals and strategy is extraordinarily important. In Hungary and in abroad (mainly in Macedonia) I have been able to succeed in many of these critical projects.

Besides my family, I devote a lot of time to my hobbies, which are hiking, mountaineering and wildlife photography.

Social activity:

  • Vice-president of the Hungarian Association for Innovation, where I mainly deal with strategic, digitization and Industry 4.0 questions.
  • President of the Infocommunication Technology Committee of the Science and Technology Information Society.

Key competencies and sectors:

  • BPR, improvement of business efficiency
  • Complex impact and business analyses
  • Regulations
  • Business processes
  • Organisational development
  • Managing large-scale telecommunications development projects
  • Telecommunications
  • Public sector
  • Innovations



I graduated in Economics at the Budapest University of Economics. After completing my degree, I began to work in counsultancy right away and it has been my profession since then.

I have worked in a number of fields both in the business sector and in the public administration. In recent years, I have been involved in the introduction of high-impact business transformation projects affecting IT systems and the whole organization in the telecommunications sector. As a project manager, I often run business-side tasks related to system implementation, and I was actively involved in several projects to prepare new business skills for the organization and future users.

Since 2007, after the birth of my second little daughter, I worked together with Vialto Consulting on several projects as a contractor.

I spend my free time with my family and friends, and with my two little girls, we are happy to go to the market, to bake and to cook whenever we can.



As a child, I had various career aspirations like to become a hotel manager, physiotherapist, or an actress. Over the last 15 years, as a consultant, I had the opportunity to accompany my clients in the realization of their diverse challenges. I fulfilled several roles during the journey: eg. acting as senior consultant in HR strategy development; quality assurance expert supporting ERP system implementation; manager of export and innovation management consulting program for innovative ICT SMEs; risk and issue manager of regional strategic business transformation program; senior consultant supporting marketing renewal programme focusing on customer experience improvement; key OD expert and mentor of transformation programme related to moving of people with disabilities from congregated settings into community living.

My experience and observation is that all the above roles, including those in the childhood dreams, demand the same basic set of skills and attitude: to really listen and understand the clients and add value where it is really needed. Inspiration to strategizing. Structure, models and comprehensive view to conception planning. Attention to the minor details and proper tools, methods to implementation. New aspects, cooperation and encouragement along the whole way. Namely, fulfilling the missing role with competence, enthusiasm, perseverance and humility. Then to celebrate the joint success.

This is how the old dreams come true every day. I also like to do sports in nature, to make my environment more and more cozy and homey, to create healthy delicacies for the family. And laugh.

Fields of expertise:

  • Organizational development, Learning and Development
  • Project and program management
  • Quality management, Customer Experience Management
  • Technical assistance in strategy development
  • Process management, BPR, enhancing business efficiency
  • Training: Project management and interpersonal communication
  • Coaching based on Positive Psychology



I graduated as a teacher, but I was probably born to be a project manager. It turned out relatively early in my career, that I was interested in everything that is about organizing and growth, so I came across many projects and tasks where I had to solve problems.

After a short teaching career, I worked as a system analyst and project manager in the public sector, from there I shifted into the private sector, as a bid manager and soon as a project manager where I got a deep insight into corporate informatics as well.

I have gained professional experience in project management, various middle management positions at Hungarian and multinational company providing IT services and as a CEO of a software development company.

As a project manager, I have always been interested in project success factors and what cause projects to fail. How to measure project success, in what dimensions, how to build working structures that can serve the needs of ever-changing project environments and bring them to success. I have been working on project success area for almost 20 years and have gained practical experience as a project manager and in different roles in the project organization. During this time, I learned that it is not always easy to create good working conditions for colleagues in the project, but it is a success criterion because a good work environment results in effective work. If the job is done in open-minded and trustworthy business setting, success will surely follow.