As a child, I had various career aspirations like to become a hotel manager, physiotherapist, or an actress. Over the last 15 years, as a consultant, I had the opportunity to accompany my clients in the realization of their diverse challenges. I fulfilled several roles during the journey: eg. acting as senior consultant in HR strategy development; quality assurance expert supporting ERP system implementation; manager of export and innovation management consulting program for innovative ICT SMEs; risk and issue manager of regional strategic business transformation program; senior consultant supporting marketing renewal programme focusing on customer experience improvement; key OD expert and mentor of transformation programme related to moving of people with disabilities from congregated settings into community living.

My experience and observation is that all the above roles, including those in the childhood dreams, demand the same basic set of skills and attitude: to really listen and understand the clients and add value where it is really needed. Inspiration to strategizing. Structure, models and comprehensive view to conception planning. Attention to the minor details and proper tools, methods to implementation. New aspects, cooperation and encouragement along the whole way. Namely, fulfilling the missing role with competence, enthusiasm, perseverance and humility. Then to celebrate the joint success.

This is how the old dreams come true every day. I also like to do sports in nature, to make my environment more and more cozy and homey, to create healthy delicacies for the family. And laugh.

Fields of expertise:

  • Organizational development, Learning and Development
  • Project and program management
  • Quality management, Customer Experience Management
  • Technical assistance in strategy development
  • Process management, BPR, enhancing business efficiency
  • Training: Project management and interpersonal communication
  • Coaching based on Positive Psychology